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Forms and publications


The documents available on this page are in PDF format. Adobe Reader software This link opens a new window. must be installed on your computer to open them.You can download this software for free.

Dynamic PDF forms can be filled out on a computer screen and then printed. Static PDF forms must be printed and subsequently filled out by hand.

Application for a Certificate or Copy of an Act


Did you know that if you submit your application over the Internet using our online DEClic! service, your document will cost less and you eliminate postal delivery time to our office? For more information on the processing fees and turnaround.

Other Forms

Guarantor's Declaration (PDF, 41 Ko) This link opens a new window.

General information on the guarantor's declaration (PDF, 36 Ko) This link opens a new window.

Fill out only if you are unable to provide photo ID.

According to the Charter of the French language, corporations established in Québec, professionnals or civil administrators are required to communicate with the government in French. For this reason, the Directeur de l'état civil does not produce an English version of this form.

Request for Preliminary Analysis for a Change of Name Application (PDF, 20 Ko) This link opens a new window.

Fill out only if you are applying for a modification to your name or the name of your minor child.

Application to Change the Sex Designation Appearing on an Act of Birth

Consult Change of sex designation section to obtain the appropriate form matching your situation.

Application for an Attestation (PDF, 51 Ko) This link opens a new window.

Application for Insertion of an Act of Civil Status Made Outside Québec into the Québec Register of Civil Status (PDF, 31 Ko) This link opens a new window.

Power of Attorney (PDF, 404 Ko) This link opens a new window.

This form is for use by anyone who wishes to designate another person to represent him or her in dealings with the Ministère du Travail, de l’Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale (MTESS).

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The Directeur de l'état civil contributes to certain guides available through the Gouvernement du Québec portal.

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