At a service counter using the DEClic! Comptoir online service

Application for a certificate or copy of an act

To use the service

You must go to one of our service counters in Québec or Montréal or to a Services Québec office that offers Directeur de l’état civil services.

When to use the service

This service is used to apply for a certificate or copy of an act of birth, marriage, civil union or death using a computer terminal available at the service counter.

Who is the service for?

This service is for you if

  • you do not have access to the Internet
  • you do not have, or are unable to obtain, an identifier (user code and password) for clicSÉQUR, the government authentification service
  • you would like help filling out your application


DEClic! Comptoir allows you to

  • pay less for your documents, that is, the same fee as for an application submitted online
  • get help if needed
  • avoid postal delivery times

Methods of payment accepted

Cash, debit card (Interac), Visa or MasterCard credit cards, cheque, postal money order, bank money order

Terms of use

You must

  • be mentioned in the act that pertains to the document requested, or provide a document establishing your interest in filing an application
  • provide a valid photo ID and a valid proof of home address. You must provide the clerk at the service counter with original documents and not photocopies.


We offer normal or accelerated processing of applications.

In the case of a recent event, the time period for entering an event in the register must be taken into account. We cannot process your application for a certificate or copy of an act until the event has been registered.

Ask the clerk at the service counter about the 30-minute issuing service.

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