30-minute issuing service

You can order and obtain a birth certificate or a copy of an act of birth in 30 minutes subject to certain conditions.

This service applies only to accelerated processing at the Directeur de l'état civil service counters in Québec and Montréal.

Your home address must be in Canada or the United States.

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What you need to know to use this service

This service is available to persons who submit an application on their own behalf, on behalf of their child or through an accredited applicant such as a lawyer or a notary.

To use this service, you must go to a Directeur de l'état civil service counter in Québec or Montréal and meet with a clerk before 4:00 p.m..

Applicants are required to establish their identity by providing two documents issued by two separate organizations:

  • A valid photo ID
  • A valid proof of home address

You must provide the clerk at the service counter with original documents and not photocopies.

After your file has been reviewed, you will receive a transaction receipt bearing an access number that will allow you to complete your application on site at a self-service computer terminal. If you are eligible for this service, you will receive your documents in less than 30 minutes. Otherwise, your documents will be mailed to you via XpressPost within 24-72 hours.

You must remain on site while your application is being processed and be available at all times.

The fees for obtaining a certificate or copy of an act within 30 minutes are the same as for accelerated processing of online applications.


If your name is not mentioned in the act concerned by your application, remember to provide us with a photocopy of the official document proving the reason for your application.

Examples of reasons for non-eligibility for the 30-minute issuing service

Eligibility for the 30-minute issuing service is determined when the application is reviewed.

A person may not be eligible for various reasons, including:

  • the event concerned by the application has not been entered in the register of civil status
  • additional verifications are required (e.g. verification of the original act)

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