Date, time and place of the solemnization

You must determine, with the intended spouses, the date, time and place of the solemnization.


The ceremony may be held any day of the week, except if it takes place in a courthouse.

Clerk or deputy clerk

A clerk or deputy clerk of the Superior Court cannot solemnize a marriage or civil union on a legal holiday.


The place chosen can be adapted to take the intended spouses’ tastes and values into account.

The location must be publically accessible and reflect the solemn nature of the ceremony. This means that it must have a layout that is suitable for such an event and make it possible to carry out, in a dignified and serious manner, the formalities of a marriage or civil union.

It must also be the place where you are authorized to solemnize a marriage or civil union.

For more information, consult the Officiant’s Guide.

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Reviewed: 2019-03-27

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