Declaration of Birth

A birth is declared to the Directeur de l'état civil by completing the Declaration of Birth. As parents, you must complete this document once your child is born and send it to us within 30 days of the birth.

You have two options to declare your child's birth

When you complete your child's Declaration of Birth, you will need the copy of the Attestation of Birth that will have been provided to you by the staff of the health institution or the birth centre.

The information collected by means of this firm and the Attestation of Birth will serve to enter your child's birth in the Québec Register of Civil Status.


It is important to use only one means (online service or paper form) to declare your child's birth, because receiving two Declarations for the same child will lead to additional processing delays.

If you find an error in the Declaration of Birth you sent, please contact us promptly by phone to find out the procedure to follow, depending on your situation.

If you have difficulties completing the Electronic Declaration of Birth, please contact us by phone.

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Reviewed: 2020-12-08

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