Change of parental designation

Any person can ask that their parental designation as father, mother or parent, as found on their children's act of birth, corresponds to the sex designation found on their own act of birth or that a designation as “parent” appears on their children's act of birth.

A child aged 14 and over must be informed about the application and they can oppose the change of designation as father or mother, whichever applies. If there is opposition, the parent designation is granted.

The parent applying for the change must be the one who informs their child under the age of 14 about the change that will be made to their act of birth.

You must submit your application by mail and complete the Application for a change of parental designation form.


If you are unable to present the Application for Change of Parental Designation form in person to your child aged 14 or over, you must serve them a photocopy of the form. The notification can take place by mail: a proof of receipt with signature is required. It is also possible to serve the form by bailiff. Following notification, your child will have 20 days to oppose the requested change.


If a child aged 14 or over wishes to oppose the application, they must do it in writing and by sending their written opposition to the Directeur de l'état civil as well as to the parent who is submitting the application. In such a case, the “parent” designation will be granted.

No reply from the child

When there is no opposition or consent from the child aged 14 or over, the Directeur de l'état civil will authorize the requested change, provided there is proof of service.

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Reviewed: 2022-08-03

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