Request to correct the Declaration of Birth

If you have not yet received a letter confirming that the birth is entered in the Register of Civil Status, contact us by phone promptly to find out the procedure to follow depending on your situation.

If you have received a letter confirming that the birth is entered in the Register of Civil Status, you must proceed as described below.

The correction must be requested jointly by the child's parents.

You must promptly send us the document concerned without altering it, taking care not to enter the desired corrections from the document. Instead attach an explanatory letter, as well all the documents supporting your request for correction, if applicable, in which you describe the desired corrections.

Your letter must contain the following information:

  • description and justification of the desired corrections;
  • the child's surname and given name
  • the child's date of birth;
  • number of the Attestation of Birth;
  • home address (number, street, city, village or municipality province; postal code and country);
  • phone (home);
  • phone (other);
  • email (optional);
  • surnames and given names of the parents and their signatures and the date of signature.

We will proceed to analyze the information contained in the record concerned and, if an error is found, we will proceed to correct it within the limits of the powers granted to us by law. Otherwise, we will inform you of the appropriate solution to the situation.

Processing time

The processing time for a request to correct a Declaration of Birth is 30 to 90 days, on the average, if all the required documents are received by the Director of Civil Status. The time may also vary according to the number of records to be processed or their complexity.

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